What is machine learning? Types and applications

Our use of technology, the Internet, applications and social networks currently generates an immense volume of data that soon turned out to be useful for many business sectors, especially in streamlining automation processes.


Understanding what machine learning is and why it matters is essential for many sectors, especially digital marketing

The final result will depend on these, and on the conformation of the algorithm: for example, if the algorithm is predictive, the model will also be predictive.

Hence the adjective “automatic”, because as it Belarus Phone Number List is fed with more input data, the algorithm will be able to better define patterns, classify and detect similarities, as well as predict scenarios or implement actions on its own.

If you are reading this, it is virtually impossible that you have not benefited from machine learning at some point. You will see.

What is machine learning?

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This learning is achieved from a feed of data that the system—the machine—receives and converts into models. The main Belarus Phone Number List goal is for you to be able to learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.


Fraud and spam detection , purchase recommendations and movies on digital platforms are everyday examples of applied machine learning . Autonomous vehicles are another innovative case.

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