What is a conversion in Digital Marketing? Ultimate Guide

A conversion is basically the user performing a certain action on the internet that you wanted to happen. It may be on our website, on social networks or in some other digital medium. As business owners or those responsible for the marketing strategy, we define these digital actions in relation to the business or campaign objectives.


These conversions can respond directly to sales made or forms submitted, but they can take less obvious forms, such as time spent on your website, or what percentage of a page was viewed by the user (scroll percentage).


In these latter cases,

the conversions are a little more complex and require the definition of very specific goals to be measured efficiently. Let’s look at some examples.

Interactions on social networks : Any action on social networks that indicates commitment, such as likes, shares or comments.
Video viewing: Watching a promotional or Austria Phone Number List informational video can be considered a conversion.
Webinar Participation: Register and attend webinars or online events.
Complete Surveys: Provide valuable information by completing surveys or questionnaires.
Quote requests: When a user requests more information about prices or services.

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Common types of conversions:

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Conversions can come in a variety of forms, and their type depends on what the business is trying to achieve. Some of the common types of conversions include:


Sales: The most direct and obvious conversion, where a visitor becomes a customer by purchasing a product or service.
Registrations: This may include subscribing Austria Phone Number List to a newsletter, creating a user account or filling out a form.
Clicks: Conversion could simply be clicking on a specific link that takes the user to an important page.
Downloads: Downloading valuable resources such as e-books, guides, infographics, etc.

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