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This means if your AI-generated content is helpful, then it can rank. The other side of the coin is that human-written content written solely to reach the top of the SERPs won’t rank. In a nutshell, Google doesn’t really look at the source of the content but rather the quality of the content and the intent behind its creation. Get the daily newsletter search marketers rely on. Business email address Get Search Engine Land in your inbox. See terms. AI labeling isn’t necessary, but the human touch is Since AI labeling isn’t necessary, does that mean you should copy AI-generated text and paste it into your CMS? Absolutely not! While AI content writing tools are improving, you still need to add a human touch to every piece of content before publishing.

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Authority plays a huge role: The authority of the website a piece of content is published on and that of its author pull a lot of weight. What does all this mean for AI-generated content? From DB to Data Google’s standpoint, AI labeling isn’t a necessity. It does not contribute to any of the ranking factors used to determine content quality. The important thing is to create content that’s useful and optimize it for ranking. How does ? One of the questions most asked about AI-generated content is whether Google can detect it. The simple answer is – yes. But does it matter? As we’ve already seen, Google doesn’t mind if content is AI-generated or human-written. All that matters is that your content is written for people first and meets E-E-A-T standards and is in line with the search quality rater guidelines.

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From an SEO point of view, what does Google say about AI labeling? Is AI labeling necessary? Here’s what Google says Many policymakers, like the European Chine Directory Union, are advocating for AI labeling. However, Google takes a different stance when it comes to labeling content as AI-generated. that’s pretty surprising. More so considering that the search engine giant takes its E-E-A-T standards seriously. So, how does this fit in with AI-generated content? Quality trumps origin: Google values quality content more than it does the originator of the content. User experience matters, a lot: Google evangelizes user experience. Labels detract from this.

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