mportance of machine learning and related concepts

As mentioned, machine learning is part of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s first define what this concept means, which, together with others, gives a general idea of ​​what machine learning and its applications entail.

Artificial intelligence, big data, science and data mining are key concepts to better understand what machine learning is.

While AI started out as a science fiction concept


Something as seemingly simple as asking  Belgium Phone Number List a cell phone to make a call is based on AI. As its objective is to learn to detect patterns, process them and return models , qualities that were previously expected only from human brains, machine learning derives from artificial intelligence.

In this sense, the importance of machine learning. Lies in the results it produces. Producing models quickly and automatically. To analyze increasingly large and complex data. Is an interest in data science and many commercial sectors due to its practical applications.

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The data that feeds machine learning

Has grown exponentially in the last couple of decades. At the beginning of the 21st century, the concept of big data Belgium Phone Number List was applied to all those data that, due to their quantity and complexity , and in some cases their speed, are almost impossible to process by traditional methods.


Big data is not a requirement for machine learning , but it can improve the accuracy of the models obtained. In this way, companies take advantage of the enormous amount of data they generate together with their users.

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