How is keyword research related to search intent?

Now different keywords will mean different search intentions. So it is very important to know the intention for each keyword. When discriminating between one and another. For example let’s go back to mushroom risotto. Let’s imagine that when searching for keywords with the tool of our choice. Word Monthly search volume SEO. Difficulty easy mushroom risotto 1000 30 mushroom risotto video tutorial 700 47 mushroom risotto. With inexpensive ingredients 100 13 If the content already exists. The best keyword to optimize. It will not only depend on the search volume and the difficulty of each phrase. Instead the main criterion should be to ask yourself which query your article or video is most aligned with or matches best.

What type of searches can be performed on Google?

How to cook a pastiche How far is it from Caracas to Madrid? Stylish shoes In this case, the user could simply search for news or informa  WhatsApp Number tion that could be related to a future purchase. So the conversion rate is usually very low. Furthermore, the user is still very far from understanding what exactly they want and that is why their search is so broad. Companies often develop their content to respond to these types of searches with the aim of increasing their brand awareness . Navigational searches In this type of search, the user makes a query already knowing what they want to find and therefore expects to quickly receive a relevant answer. This type of request includes a brand, product, URL, or domain name.

Commercial searches

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In these searches, if the user wants a specific product or service, but has yet to make a final decision on which solution is right for them. Commercial intent or research is bet Chine Directory ween informational and transactional intent. Chances are you’re looking for reviews and comparisons and still weighing your options. Some examples would be: iPhone vs Samsung The best restaurants in Paris LG TV Reviews Business searches often take the user to price comparison sites, product category pages, or review aggregators.  Therefore, the person is not looking for information, but is ready to conclude a transaction and purchase a product. For example: Buy iPhone Small electric coffee maker Black Jeans for Women Accommodation in beach hotel In this case, the conversion rate is very high: positioning yourself with transactional queries allows you to generate both traffic and income, regardless of the reputation of our brand. The conversion can be the achievement of the sale of a product or service, but also the subscription to the newsletter or the download of a file.

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