Get Ready For Google Hummingbird

Google has unveiled a new algorithm for its search engine functionality called the Hummingbird. Unlike other algorithm updates, it is actually possible for you to get your SEO improved with the help of Google Hummingbird. What is Google and relevant results. Hummingbird is meant for processing conversational queries. It affects around of search quires as well. It is however different from the other updates and algorithms by Google.


Hummingbird is different from Google Penguin as it does not serve to penalize websites. Rather, it rewards websites that provide a suitable answer to the queries of the user. It is also different from Google Caffeine as it does not cater to indexing of websites. Instead, Hummingbird helps the search engine to interpret the search queries in .Conversational Queries Hummingbird takes the conversational queries which tend to be longer and then distil them to understand what the intent behind the search is.


You should utilize keywords that can accurately convey the meaning of the longer search queries. Pages for the different types of queries such as. Transactional and navigational should be created. Implement conversational keywords ogle Hummingbird. It also takes into account their synonyms. Optimize your content with keywords whose synonyms often occur in a similar context. You can check Google Webmaster Tools for gaining ideas  the search term through the highlighted terms in the search results. Getting Co-Citations.

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