On-site SEO: the 9 fundamental elements

Going back for a moment, the title is from an SEO point of view the most important point for the positioning of a page, that is, it is the one that has the most weight. Of course it’s not the only one: if everything else is wrong, the right title is useless. On the contrary, if you do everything right and get the title wrong you could miss out on opportunities. Then consider that your title will appear on a page where there are 9 others. The first page of Google in fact contains 10 results: using common sense we must persuade the user to choose our link , to the detriment of the other 9 present in SERP.

Structure of the URLs (speaking)

It is also essential that the content is of high quality , because Phone number data  you can write the most captivating title in the world, but if the article is poor there is nothing that can improve your results. The quality of the content is very important . In this article on How to Write a Rocking Title you can read some additional tips for the part relating to writing a title that can capture the user’s attention. How much does the title affect SEO positioning seo definition In the screen we report the outcome of our SEO intervention on an e-commerce of personalized pins that had lost the first position

Meta title: what is it

This client does not have many competitors, but those present  Chine Directory are very strong. We realized that with the keyword “personalized pins” we had lost the first position. So we added related ones, that is, keywords that still have search volumes . For example, the word ” creation of personalized badges online ” is a related word used without keyword stuffing . That is, we have not filled the page with keywords that are similar to each other with respect to the main keyword “personalized pins”, such as: “personalized pins”, “personalized pins online”. That is, we gave a narrative meaning to the title . Does it work to change the title? The +91.5% traffic clearly demonstrates that intervening on the titles and naturally also on the rest of the site has borne fruit .

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