What is e-commerce? Complete Guide and Features

E-commerce in Mexico has grown so much that, according to a study by the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) and due to the COVID pandemic, in the first half of 2020, there was an intensification in the acquisition of products online , so that 50% of buyers purchased at least one product online weekly .

In any case, every day it is clearer that it is essential to exist on the internet, but knowing how to sell digitally is even more so. For that you need a good web design and a digital marketing strategy .

We have prepared this guide with the intention of introducing you to the world of e-commerce , digital marketing and web design. We will explain what e-commerce or electronic commerce in general is and how it works , the characteristics ( advantages and disadvantages ) that you should work on to achieve better results, as well as the types and steps to follow to start your business .

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E-commerce offers an infinite number of products and services, which must be accompanied by a good digital strategy to work.
What is e-commerce?
Let’s start by saying that e-commerce , ecommerce , e-commerce , E -Commerce , electronic commerce or online commerce are the same , and the simplest way to define it is the action of buying and selling Brazil Phone Number List products or services over the Internet , achieving the same desired conversion through online platforms. In essence, it is a way of conducting business transactions using the Internet as the primary medium.

This (relatively new) modality has reinvented the way of searching, interacting and buying online, as both consumers and sellers have modified their commercial relationship , due to the convenience, efficiency and, most of the time, the security that this implies.

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What is a marketplace and how does it work?

Perhaps the clearest examples of this, and those who frequently set the trends in the sector, are large corporations such as Brazil Phone Number List Amazon, Ebay, Mercado Libre or Alibaba, among others that you surely have in mind.

But it is not just about these giants, but about businesses, startups and enterprises of all sizes that are betting on new strategies, markets and products around the world.

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