Add a Personal Touch to Your Emails

With a list of leads, your school can begin cultivating an impactful email newsletter. In fact, you can use email marketing as a way to capitalize .On the momentum of your landing. Page efforts and push your prospects further into the consideration stage. This is where email workflows and marketing automation can come in handy, particularly when developing TOFU to BOFU marketing strategies. Your school can create email marketing workflows to follow up  with your leads along a predetermined timeframe, nudging them towards consuming valuable content that can shape, guide, and persuade the student to consider .

Delivery: Choose the Right Time to Send Emails

Pages typically don’t include the same navigation system as a school’s standard website. That’s because a menu feature would draw the focus away from the main CTA and conversion—the whole purpose of the landing page.By featuring a contact form Telegram Number Data and encouraging prospects to reach out, your school can begin developing its lead generation and capturing process—collecting. The contact details of prospects who are more interested in interacting with more of your school’s messaging. In this way, landing pages become the perfect bridge between the top and bottom stages of your school’s admissions funnel.

Lay Out the Next Step for Prospects

It does this well by providing leads with well-structured content focused on a clear and specific call to action (CTA). As a school marketer, you’ll want to use this space to share high-quality web content that naturally guides prospects to a CTA that aligns with their interests. Example: Carleton University has created an ad that appears to users. Searching for an online MBA degree in Canada. Upon clicking the ad, prospects are directed to a landing page that clearly outlines the unique selling points of its program:At the top and bottom of the page, prospects are invited to request Chine Directory  more information. This pulls up a brief form that allows them to leave their contact information:Unlike standard web pages, these landing.

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